Hello, I’m

Carolyn Hoehle

Strategic Communications Specialist

Carolyn Hoehle is a strategic communications specialist with a keen interest in marketing, digital design, and authentic connection and engagement with others. With a storied and fruitful background in the performing arts both on and off the stage, Carolyn’s central philosophy is to facilitate honest and insightful communication between parties of various backgrounds so that meaningful connections can be established. Carolyn is a firm believer that when our unique stories and ideas are shared and heard, organizations are then able to run at their peak level of efficiency.

A textbook type-Aer and a vivacious ENFP-A, Carolyn’s experience as a performer has granted her a unique skill set allowing her to view situations through a creative and pragmatic lens. Her years spent as an opera singer not only dovetails neatly to work within the nonprofit sector, but the serious study and dedication to her craft has fostered astute development of entrepreneurship, self-motivation, strong interpersonal and public speaking skills, the ability to self-prioritize and balance multiple assignments at once, and the delivery of results under high-demand situations. Further, Carolyn’s time as a performer has instilled within her a strong sense of collaborative communication between colleagues with diverse backgrounds and in tandem has granted her experience in both project and people management as well as provided her with the opportunity to hone her innate leadership skills.

When Carolyn is not busy wordsmithing or connecting others, you can still find her actively performing amongst various ensembles within the Greater Central Texas region and beyond. Carolyn is currently the “Spotlight Artist” with Austin Opera for the 2019/20 season where she is a soloist in various productions as well as a recitalist and artist for educational outreach performances for the company. During her increasingly limited free time, you will likely find Carolyn volunteering as an active member of the Junior League of Austin, out and about roaming the beauties (and breweries) of the Hill Country with her husband or hopping on a plane to her next great adventure. 

Keep up with Carolyn’s performance calendar at: carolynhoehle.com