Orientation & Introduction to Certificate Program | Overview of Fundraising: The Practice, Profession, and Ethics

Will explore mission, vision and values centered fundraising; the diverse nature of what constitutes fundraising; the integration of fundraising within an organization and fundraising staffing, policies and procedures; the overall development of an organization’s fundraising strategy; and a general overview of the present and future  fundraising as well as professional ethics and excellence (e.g., AFP […]

Creating an Organizational Culture that Supports Fundraising: A Culture of Philanthropy

Will explore creating a climate of “giving” within your organization; its integration into every aspect of organizational goals, strategies and initiatives; the role of the Board in fundraising; effective use of volunteer leadership; identifying, recruiting and supporting fundraising volunteers; and creating fundraising advisory entities to support organizational initiatives.Early Bird pricing is available through Monday, January […]

Risk Management

Will explore top risk and troubling traps, breach of privacy, unhappy stakeholders, harmonizing risk and reward and volunteer management, and general risk resources. Early Bird pricing is available through Monday, January 16, 2023.Must be registered by February 1, 2023.

Donor Publics and Donor Centric Communications & Use of Social Media and E-Giving

Will explore fundraising communications for individuals, corporations and foundations; the importance of identifying and cultivating the various publics appropriate to the fundraising initiative; and analyze participants’ communications strategies and tools.Early Bird pricing is available through Monday, January 16, 2023.Must be registered by February 1, 2023.

Diversity and Donor Motivations

Will explore the diverse value systems of diverse populations a fundraiser may serve; how different cultures express communal responsibility (e.g., Christians engage in charity, Jews engage in tzedekah, Muslims engage in zakah, etc.), and engage in philanthropic activities; understanding the diverse value systems of diverse populations; the different motivations and ways diverse groups relate to […]

Annual Giving and the Annual Development Process

Will explore annual giving as a strategy/program, and the development of an annual giving plan; the different forms of annual giving (e.g., cash, appreciated securities); direct mail; special events; raffles’ principles of proportionate giving; and individual giving; marketing strategies and tools.Early Bird pricing is available through Monday, January 16, 2023.Must be registered by February 1, […]

Planned Giving and Overall Legal and Regulatory Issues for Fundraising

Will explore the various financial vehicles available to potential donors; the pros and cons of each vehicle for donors and the receiving agency; the research process involved prior to solicitation; and the process and practicalities of establishing a planned giving program. She will also explore the legal and ethical context of fundraising; Texas regulated fundraising […]

Capital Campaigns

Will explore the development of a capital campaign; its management and leadership; underlying motivations of givers; conducting a feasibility study; developing the case for support; researching, cultivating, and soliciting prospects; donor recognition; establishing naming opportunities; and capital campaign management and leadership (e.g., volunteer leadership, steering committee).Early Bird pricing is available through Monday, January 16, 2023.Must […]

Engaging and Motivating Volunteers

Will explore the effectiveness of using volunteers in fundraising. From top leadership, to capital campaign committees, to peer-to-peer fundraising champions, volunteers play a critical role in the most successful fundraising programs. Learn about the challenges of engaging, training, motivating and stewarding great volunteer fundraisers and hear from a panel of volunteers about their own experiences […]

Fundraising & Event Planning

Will focus on the use of special events to complement annual and capital campaigning initiatives; exploring the most effective use of events to achieve fundraising success. Attention will be given to considering use of a silent and/ or live auction, initial planning and budgeting, organization and timing, location, venue requirements and negotiations, food and beverage […]

Financial Management, Accounting, and Financing

Will explore the financial management processes required to administer and insure compliance of fundraising operations; the relationship between the fundraiser and the organization’s financial managers; and the impact and implications of nonprofit financial audits for agency fundraising.Early Bird pricing is available through Monday, January 16, 2023.Must be registered by February 1, 2023.