Governance & Fiduciary Responsibilities

Understand the nuances of internal and external Stakeholders and how to navigate information to the beneficial interest of all parties. Fiduciary responsibility of the Board Establishing and maintaining financial transparency Staff understanding the financial health of their program and what that means “Overhead” costs and funding administrative expenses Other fiduciary issues requiring the attention of […]

Issues Arising from Government Funding and Regulation

Managing Matching Requirements Annual Information Return – Form 990 Payroll Taxes Audits of Federally Funded Programs Special Issues Grant requirements which are more restrictive than all other grants received by the non-profit Program specific issues related to compliance for service eligibility Cost reimbursement grants (Cash Flow Issues) Excise Tax – Reasonable Compensation for Nonprofit Executives […]

Key Financial Concepts & Financial Statements

Financial Management Responsibilities Accounting terms and concepts Differences between for-profits and nonprofits Cash versus accrual accounting Nonprofit Accounting transactions in-class exercise Nonprofit Financial Statements Statement of Financial Position Statement of Activities Statement of Functional Expenses Statement of Cash Flows Introduction of Cash Flow budget as day-to-day alternative to Statement of Cash Flows Financial Indicators – […]


What is an audit and why do I need it? Board of directors’ roles and responsibilities RFP Process Preparing for the Audit What to expect during fieldwork from the auditor  Audit Standards and Terminology Auditor Opinion Options Types of management letters and other communications with governance Red Flags for an auditor  Financial statements, notes, supplemental […]

Accounting Issues Related to Fundraising and Overall Ethical Considerations | Graduation

What are ethical issues affecting or guiding nonprofit financial management Accounting issues related specifically to fundraising and entity’s tax- exempt status Unrelated Business Income Stewardship Other issues as may be identified by participants Early Bird pricing is available through Monday, January 16, 2023. Must be registered by January 31, 2023.