Human Resources

One of the essential ingredients to a successful nonprofit is having a highly engaged team of people supporting and advancing the mission. While people are wonderful, necessary, and vital to mission success, they also bring a variety of perplexing risks. This session explores top risks that arise in recruiting, selecting, supervising and off-boarding employees. Learn […]

Legal Risks

Did you know that anyone can sue your nonprofit at any time, for any reason? While that statement is true, we hope it makes you curious, not worried. This session explores legal risks facing nonprofit. Learn what you need to know and do to protect your and fortify your organization to avoid, where possible, and […]

Managing Governance Risk

Volunteer boards are a necessary ‘blessing’ in the nonprofit sector. Every nonprofit has one, but too few nonprofit teams know how to maximize board involvement while minimizing the risks. This session explores some of the top risks that arise when a board is formed and operates. Learn what you can do to anticipate and manage […]