Krystal Parsons

Associate Director of Individual Giving, Austin Theatre Alliance (Paramount & Stateside Theatres)

I recommend taking the CEF class for seasoned and non-seasoned development officers. You have a dynamic and varied group of lecturers who transform the learning experience. Your classmates are another huge asset to becoming a more effective fundraiser. My class had traditional development officers, board members, new development officers moving out of direct services, and people starting their own nonprofits. Each discussion and every example in class was tailored to our unique group. I’ve attended professional developments where we’re all “one” – all fundraisers, all arts organizations, or all under the same database/tech. This is the first professional development I’ve had that celebrates the diversity and leverages it to increase impact – refusing to let any lesson to homogeneous. As nonprofits, as fundraisers, and as people we’re not the same as one another – so why should we learn that way? CEF takes everyone’s experiences and backgrounds, including the presenters, to thoughtful and personalized lesson in fundraising.